._. this place is sooo unfinished~ Im gonna add lots of stuff a little later, like thanks for brushes and the pitas.com link, thanks for the pic in my layout etc.. so tired now ^^; Im moving in a few day and haven't packed almost any- thing +_+ so bye for now!
written: 31. october..
aahh.. I watched SakiGake! Cromartie High a while ago and it was kinda hilarious ^^" Freddy and Mechazawa~ watch it, now! o_o Anyways, my new room is _very_ small now so my pc and tv are next to each other ,_, there's not much space in here but its okay, atleast I got a place where to sleep xD I think my exams are coming up soon.. haven't read shit.. but its okay because physics is very easy :p now I need sleep, stayed up for the whole night, just for the heck of it. Sleep people! its the best thing in existence! :D
written: 3. november..
Okay.. I just got home from a party and have no idea where my left sock is o_o well a slight idea but not sure.. Its 9.55pm right now so I think i'll head to sleep, have to wake up at eleven to got to a local Gameshow :/ *wants Tony hawk's Underground* ~~"
written: 21. november..